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What things are important to have in a modern library in the heart of Marrickville?

about 5 years ago
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Feel free to use your imagination in telling about the types of resources, facilities and activities you think the new library should have. Explore and discuss the possibilities!

Mr MS about 5 years ago
Allow seats for people with disabilities (PWD) throughout the library. Instead of trendy new chairs, ask people with access requirements to chose them eg arms to help us to get up. Every so often rotate bottom shelves so PWD can get to these ones.
Prue-Community Engagement Team about 5 years ago
Great ideas. We are v. happy to get feedback from PWD and are working with Council's Access Committee so that accessibility of all aspects of the new building will be looked at from their perspective. V important to also consider what's in the library...chairs etc. - Thanks
Marrick about 5 years ago
A connected library......hi-tech with access to video conferencing capabilities! Flexibility for future innovation!
Trish about 5 years ago
Good access, shelves that are not too high and not too low. Think of senior citizens, they are probably big users of the library and if they find it hard to access the shelves it will become very frustrating for them.
Quiet areas!! The library is still an area where people want quiet when reading or studying, please make sure the childrens' library is located away from the reading or study areas. Visit Waverley Library between 4-6pm and you will understand what i'm talking about!!
Free WIFI and smart seats with power sockets with only enough desk space for only laptops, iphones or ipads.

Courses on how to use new technology such as, audio books, ebooks.
Courses on using the internet (particularly for senior citizens)
Library card becomes also a smart card for printing/photocopying, etc.
library about 5 years ago
Internet facilities
Physically accessible facilities
Art exhibitions
Relevant community activities & talks to attract lots of the community to gather (eg: the multilingual talks currently organised at Marrickville Library are brilliant!)
Environmentally sensitive design
A beautiful, welcoming outdoor pavilion with fabulous cafe facing a beautiful green space, hopefully with a water feature, shaded outdoor areas
A community space that welcomes ALL members of te community, young & old, that is safe, well designed (good lighting, clean etc)
Ample space & potential to allow expansion & changing needs & developing technologies into the future
Literate Perhaps about 5 years ago
Even in this computer age please let us have books. I have heard the library wants to drastically reduce books available to public in favour of computer generated reduces. Please don't make this mistake.
Prue-Community Engagement Team about 5 years ago
Council is actually planning an increase in the number of books available, based on current demand and future projected demand. At the same time there will be a greater emphasis on e-books to allow a greater diversity of titles for people to download. More for everyone.
Literate Perhaps about 5 years ago
Car parking. Could we have an underground car park. Using public transport for the library is problematic as books are heavy to carry to and from library. Bikes are ok or those physically capable of riding a bike and or those willing to risk life and limb. I need to drive if I am to use the library as I wish. So a decent car park ould be marvelous, with a lift up to the library
Prue-Community Engagement Team about 5 years ago
An underground car park is being planned, with access directly into the library and/or forecourt. Due to increasing demand for more sustainable forms of transport - bike racks will also be a feature. Cheers
Beck* about 5 years ago
I love art and have studied art, but I feel there are enough council run galleries in Marrickville. I would rather see a museum/heritage space in the new library or somewhere in M'ville. There is no where to stage historical exhibitions.....and I have a tonne of ideas of what they could be about!! More and more libraries and museums are coming together in a process being called Convergence....see Albury's new library/museum complex. I'd love to see the kids activities be kept up and developed. We may be an ageing population, but M'ville is booming with families. Oh and some clean toilets would be really really lovely. Despite it all, looking forward to seeing the end result.
Jodan about 5 years ago
Library needs to be accessible to students who dont have space to study. Break-out rooms for small groups when students working together.Online booking system for rooms so you can see availability. Free wifi.Audio-books and associated technology for hire for vision-impaired.TTY for people with hearing difficulties,work with Nat relay Service.Survey 2RPH and Koori Radio for feedback.Community bus services for transport to library.Community noticeboard and central community services brochures area.Bulletin board for people to give feedback and ideas about library & resources e.g. new book for library to obtain.Link in with local book clubs.Hold Book Club events at all libraries with book reviews from members available online.Celebrate library Volunteers on International Vol Day-plant a tree or shrub or place a plaque on a seat for Vol of the Year.Build a Welcome Wall which locals can contribute to and have associated resources available in library e.g. copies of ship manifests for names of people on boats from overseas to Australia.
Thornhill about 5 years ago
I'm just appalled at some of the things people are asking for in the library.
Surely the views of the people interviewed for 'Marrickville Matters' weren't taken seriously...? A grandmother who wants a garden and a free nursery, a student who wants "a study area with desks and a reading room with sofas" (isn't that called "home"?), a "study room for youth to hang around"...
Going through some of the views on-line, I had to stop when I came to the man who wants electrical goods for hire, including lawn-mowers!! Are people serious? Your local library as a lawn-mower hire-centre?!? For godsake, it's a LIBRARY! Leave it alone.
Rachael about 5 years ago
It may sound strange but please retain books. Actually I should say improve what is a very meagre situation. A generation of students have been left floundering compared to other areas where collections are decent.

It is very important to have books in community languages, however, children are educated primarily in English and this is where the bulk of book funding should go. I tend to feel electronic media should be able to deal with the bulk of CALD needs. It is not really doing anyone any good to take from Peter tom pay Paul - there needs to be a very clear rationale as to how the multicultural nature of Marrickville is accommodated within library services and at the end of the day, I think we need to consider the language residents are educated in as the first equal priority. Second equal priority are the Australian Aboriginal people and how they would like to be catered for within this new library. Please remember the rest of our wonderfully diverse population come from parts of the world where they are catered for well. Most can log onto a computer (be it at the library) to get resources in their own language. We tend to overstep and then grow expectations for migrants and refugee populations.
I have friends from CALD backgrounds and they have no trouble accessing their own material online - they laugh about our local attempts and say - "Why do they do this when we can get what we want any way". So please put this in perspective and don't ruin the library needs of another generation of Marrickville children because we are focusing on a perceived rather than a real need.
australiana almost 5 years ago
Just make it great.

Frankly, the experience and knowledge of most people is too limited to come up with really good design ideas. Instead of giving people what they think they might want surprise them with a truly wonderful knowledge and learning space that they will use in ways they hadn't even thought of before the library was built.