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What do you think about the new library concept YELLOW design?

almost 5 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Tell us what you like what you don't like about the concept YELLOW design? A full report is also available in the library.

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Philip Sydenham almost 5 years ago
The building will be full of light.
But how did the Council Chamber creep into this design?
Suewthay almost 5 years ago
This one seems to suit our suburb the best. Just as long as there are no palm trees! It is light and inviting.
Philip Sydenham almost 5 years ago
I think the palm tress are heritage listed, and therefore must remain. One design provides for their relocation on site. This and the green option retain them in situ.
shadylayman almost 5 years ago
This is a truly impressive design, 10/10 marks for FJMT.
Aesthetically pleasing and definitely a structure worthy of community pride.
Aurora almost 5 years ago
It reminds me of a number of other modern libraries and along with Steel Park & the new aquatic center, will give Marrickville an edgier look/feel.

However, what will be done about the palm tree and ibis problem? I hate walking past those trees. I have to hold my breath or cover my face... seriously it makes me want to heave. I can imagine all the pigeons and ibis will love their new grassland and lofts. This will just turn me right off.
Philip Sydenham almost 5 years ago
The ibis issue is essentially unrelated to the palm trees. If the flying foxes can be discouraged from roosting in our botanic gardens by technology, so, too, will be a solution be found for removing the ibis rookeries from a few palm trees in Marrickville. I should add, that the odour is considerably worse in the grounds of Saint Brigid's opposite the site in question. This has not discouraged a single worshipper from attendance at Mass.
Aurora almost 5 years ago
But it's easier to tell the Council their Ibises stink .. than it is to tell God!!
Philip Sydenham almost 5 years ago
The ibises are not entirely the council's responsibility. They are protected birds, and as such, various government and non-government agencies are responsible for their welfare. It is a compound rookery, with birds roosting and nesting at St Brigid's, the hospital and Grahame Avenue. There was a third site, in Hastings Street, which was dispersed when a dying palm tree was removed. However, this only increased the concentrations at the other three sites.
A humane solution, which would save the heritage trees, would be to make a loud noise at the sites at dusk, dispersing the birds, which are not normally active after dark.
The sites where the droppings fall onto grass or porous paving (such as Grahame Ave) are less offensive. So a partial solution would be to pave the library site with bricks rather than concrete.
We would be a much poorer world if libraries, trees and birds could not get along.
Aurora almost 5 years ago
I'm a bird lover. We had a similar problem where I work, but we were able to reduce the problem with covered bins and cutting branches that are favourable for roosting.

But I shall be quiet now and keep my questions to myself.
Philip Sydenham almost 5 years ago
Please don't be quiet.
This discussion needs input from people like you and me.
moimoi almost 5 years ago
This design reaches me in a way the other two don't. It is absolutely stunning and would surely be the pride of Marrickville. There's a feeling of comfort, spaciousness and light, a real place for the community to engage with literacy, a place for children, a green area. It's beautiful!
Jane almost 5 years ago
I think the design responds well to the street.
Internally there are some wonderful spaces that respond well to their uses. I wonder about noise though, especially in the cafe, foyer and 'other use' area. Modern designs do seem to omit this essential quality in 'open area' spaces.
I applaud the environmental initiatives in the building. It appears that this concept has a strong environmental focus not just to the design but the construction and later the use of the building.
Jane almost 5 years ago
After looking at all the MPs in a little more detail now, this is the Master Plan that really does interpret all the possibilities that a library can provide the community. It sets the brief really. There are suggestions for the buildings use that I hadn’t considered, some really wonderful ideas here.
The building itself responds well to the site, the surrounding buildings and out door areas. The entrance and circulation looks great, the spaces are generous and clearly articulated. The possibilities of combining the library with the council chambers is surely worth exploring.
Overall there is a clear and coherent design already here that focuses on the possibilities of us as a community. Really fabulous. Has my vote.
Ratty almost 5 years ago
This design is more sympathetic to the architecture of the suburb and uses the old buildings in a better way (although I do like the sunken garden on one design). For gardens, palm trees will attract ibis so gum trees or other native should be used.
sotetno almost 5 years ago
The internal design seems to sit well with me. I like the outdoor reading verandah and the amount of shelving for books seems to be OK (not great but better than Blue design). Would love a children's area that I didn't have to get to via lift/stairs but that doesn't seem to be in any of these designs.