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What do you think about the new library concept GREEN design?

almost 5 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Tell us what you like what you don't like about the concept GREEN design? A full report is also available in the library.

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Philip Sydenham almost 5 years ago
Could be a landmark building and landmark design for Marrickville.
Innovative and Imaginative.
Shows respect and sensitivity to both the built and living environment.
Heritage and venerable trees retained in situ.
Adequate spaces for immediate and future use.
A building that says "Come and look inside"
This design would work with the staff as well as the customers.
Perhaps a second level of car-parking beneath is necessary.
Needs more stack space for lesser-used materials to be stored.
A creditable outcome for the people of Marrickville, who have been struggling for decades with inadequate, sub-standard library facilities.
shadylayman almost 5 years ago
Yes ! Very impressive, encapsulates a sense of space and imagination.
The "gold" design pips it at the post......
Jane almost 5 years ago
I am less convinced of the buildings landmark presence on the street scrape. In fact it already seems dated. The library site is really only considered rather than the surrounding heritage precinct and the building design completely turns its back on this area rather than being the opportunity to link to these areas visually and physically. I disagree with the Master Plans claim of the location fo the Civic Precinct I don’t think it’s that area at all.
I really dislike the main entrance being via a ramp. It completed squashes the conceptual ideas of indoor and outdoor connections. Then we enter a very over stated entrance foyer with large stair case and no lifts! Lifts are once again pushed to the rear of the building and elderly, disabled and parents with prams must use the ‘servant’s entrance’!! Surely these days are gone in modern design and equality. Also where are the toilets? Please don’t try and convince me that small cubicals shown are it! No Really, where are they?
The link to the old hospital building is via a bridge and you are funnelled down to the far corner of the main library building to get here. I am not sure how I am meant to find this? Signage obviously. The design suggests the area would not be for public use but for private office space. If for the public, and even if the space were intended for quite study I don’t think this is a cleaver way of moving people to this area.
Actually the whole design seems pokey, with no real thought to how some of the spaces could truely be used. It does not truely live up to the challenge of providing the people of Marrickville with a library that may service them into the future. Back to the drawing board guys.