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What do you think about the new library concept BLUE design?

almost 5 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Tell us what you like what you don't like about the concept BLUE design? A full report is also available in the library.

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Philip Sydenham almost 5 years ago
Boring design, inadequate spaces
Involves removal and relocation of heritage and venerable trees.
Shows no respect for the site and surrounding buildings.
shadylayman almost 5 years ago
Old School !
The concept is trite, a more detailed assessment is necessary for me to give the thumbs up.
Wolf almost 5 years ago
This design is best placed on site and with it's sunken lawn actually creates a very useable, green forecourt.
The language of the existing roof taken on as a design language for the new is very beautiful. Not just another box.
Best out of all 3
josephine almost 5 years ago
All the designs are wonderful. The visual presentation of the Green Scheme makes it look very chic and glamorous and this may impress many people. But putting that aside, I love the Blue scheme the most. It respects the heritage of Marrickville by preserving the original hospital building in an imaginative way. The spaces for children have a special, safe but exploratory quality. I could say more but thank you, Marrickville, for providing this opportunity to comment.
PS: I had difficulty opening the emailed link to make this comment. It takes persistence so if anyone in the community reads this, don't give up!
sotetno almost 5 years ago
Love the children's area in Blue design, with the outdoor garden. I like the green lawn sunken garden area in the front and l love the use of jacarandahs.

Worried that too much emphasis has been put on social aspects of the library and that shelving and places for actual books is too small. I'd love the collection to be expanded from what it currently is, not have actual book space reduced.
Jen almost 5 years ago
I liked the way the Blue design had some public spaces and open space but there was no parking. The use of existing buildings is good